Computer Courses is designed for students who want to learn or upgrade their computing skills to meet today`s work environment. Tally is recognized the world over as feature rich business accounting and inventory management software. Tally software is scalable, reliable and designed to cater to needs of growing business, irrespective of its nature of size.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) course gives a designer an edge by using the most powerful designing software and it enhances and creates skills that can be a great advantage among the peers in this creative field.

As Internet is becoming friendlier and more and more e-commerce sites are coming up, need for specialized web designer is increasing by leaps & Bounds.


Mr. Snehal Patel [Owner & Founder of SCC]


SCC Vadodara Comuter Lab


Corporate Social Responsibility :

Along with its continuous endeavor to further develop and enhance Computer Education, SCC Vadodara is committed to carry on activities to healthy and productive social environment around the Vadodara as well as Gujarat. SCC Vadodara will continue to further enhance its corporate value by contributing to the creation of enriched and dreamful society.

Food Packet Distributed to Flood affected Area at Vadodara…

At a time when the city is reeling under the effect of floods, there are a few who are going beyond the call of duty.

Snehal Patel and Group are helping those affected by the disaster by assisting with evacuation work and distribution of food packets and drinking water.

Workshop for Students

SCC Vadodara workshop was held on 17 Aug, 2014 for students at Vadodara to aware about ” Domain and Hosting ” and 1 Jan, 2016 workshop on ” Hacking Fundamentals and Safety Issues “.

Workshop by: Mr. Arjun G. Sharma [ CEO & FOUNDER of NETMAHAVIR, World`s Fastest Domain Search Engine Maker and Certified Ethical Hacker.]

Other Activities